Governor candidate Stacey Abrams visits the Chattahoochee Valley, her plans if elected

Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 6:14 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Stacey Abrams is no stranger to running for the governor’s office, and she says she is the candidate Georgians should choose.

“I’m running for governor because I believe in all of Georgia. And that’s why I talk about the campaign in terms of creating one Georgia. We shouldn’t have Atlanta and the rest of the state. It shouldn’t be Columbus and then southwest. It should be one Georgia, and we have an opportunity to thrive, but we can’t get there unless we have a governor who is willing to invest in all of Georgia,” says Abrams.

She and Governor Brian Kemp are set to face off again in November.

After his Republican primary win back in May, the governor is saying that Abrams is not a good choice for the state.

“If Stacey Abrams was ever governor of this state, Georgia would be just one COVID variant away from lockdowns, government mandates, schools shuttered, and businesses closed,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Today though, Stacey Abrams says Georgia needs a governor who can fight for the state, especially on issues like gun control after three recent mass shootings and countless others across the country.

“I want us to have a governor who believes that you can respect the 2nd amendment and protect 2nd graders, and that is something Brian Kemp is refusing to do,” says Abrams.

She also says families in Georgia need to be supported and protected, especially during a baby formula shortage.

She says Kemp recently refused funding for summer feeding programs in the state.

“He has refused those dollars, and on behalf of Georgia, we don’t care. We don’t want the money to help our families with food insecurity his summer. That is a terrible decision,” says Abrams.

The gubernatorial candidate says, for the most part, people don’t care about politics. They want a leader for the state.

“Georgians really don’t care about politics, they care about their lives, and I’ve worked my entire career, to work across the aisle to be someone who can work with democrats, with republicans, work with independents, I worked with the tea party to get good done,” says Abrams.

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