Economic impact: ‘Cash Out’ film in Columbus boosting local businesses

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 6:07 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - In case you haven’t heard yet or seen all of the action in Uptown Columbus this past week... scenes of a thriller action film, ‘Cash Out’ being shot right here in the Fountain City... Featuring John Travolta and Kristen Davis.

From shopping for last-minute costumes.. to hotel stays and dining, the more than 100-person production crew and actors are bringing local businesses a boost in sales in the two week span of filming.

News Leader 9′s Ashlee Williams talked with a local restaurant owner who said she secured the catering gig for the next few weeks and that it’s been an experience of a lifetime.

John Travolta is in town! He’s filming scenes for the upcoming action thriller ‘Cash Out.’ We’re told it’s about a bank robbery gone bad, with crews setting up production in and around Synovus Corporate on Broadway.

Just Sunday, Columbus Police were extras in the film, with uniform badges and car logos changed to ‘Seattle Police’ as it appears parts of the movie is based in Seattle, Washington.

Simultaneously, the Fountain City is benefitting substantially from the 115 man crew.

Niki Gedroic, owner of Smoke Bourbon and BBQ and Vertigo Kitchen, said catering for events is nothing new for her team... but catering two meals each day for a large production is a check off her bucket list.

“What they are doing for our community is literally bringing in millions of dollars,” Gedrioc said. “I know they are shopping here, I’ve sent them to Sam’s, other local restaurants in order to film their needs for this. Their bringing money. They’re bringing notoriety to our community.”

President of Uptown Inc. Ed Wolverton explained Columbus community leaders have worked hard for the past five years to move our film industry forward, bringing in production from Atlanta and putting Columbus on the map for film.

“They definitely also have a need for contractors to build certain things. Elections, grips and other behind the scenes production that place cameras and sound booms,’ Wolverton said. “That’s another group of people that can often be employed through our film industry.”

As many streets and parking spots are blocked off right now, Uptown Inc’s focus: managing parking and access to local businesses.

“When they’re filming, they try to hold people from not walking through the film while it’s happening,” Wolverton said. “After they’re finished with a particular take, they open back up. That’s important to our small businesses so that people can still get to them.”

“The cast and crew as been very polite,” Gedroic said. “It has been exciting for everyone to catch glimpses of John Travolta and Kristen Davis.”

The busiest filming days: this past Friday through Monday. Wolverton with Uptown told us the lack of parking and road closures along Broadway will ease up after Monday.

Filming wraps up June 24th.

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