What’s causing water problems in Marion County?

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 10:59 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Major water woes across one county in our area as numerous residents say they have not had water for days.

Even some officials in Marion County say it’s been an on-and-off issue for months, even years. Now, there are new demands to fix the problem once and for all.

News Leader 9 was told the issue affects the northern part of Marion County. But, because water problems pop up often in Marion County, officials are trying to use a million-dollar grant to help.

It’s the sixth day that Spencer Welch and his family have gone without much water. Unfortunately, he’s just one of several people living in Marion County experiencing water problems.

“We can flush a toilet at least, but other than that, we haven’t been able to flush a toilet, wash our hands, get showers, wash clothes, wash dishes. I’ve gotten a 9-month-old. We’ve had to go wash bottles. We have to go get showers,” said Welch.

He says he’s traveled as far as 35 minutes away to his parents’ house in Schley County for help.

“We’ve gone to a friend’s house a couple miles down the street and get showers, wash clothes, things like that. So we’re just bouncing around -- it’s not other people’s responsibility to take care of my family of five,” said Welch.

Many others across the county say they’ve had water problems for a while. One woman even said it’s devastating to her garden and hard on her animals.

“Something like this comes up very often. Typically it’s not this many days without water, but several times a year, we will be without water for at least a handful of hours or a day,” said Welch.

County Manager William Johnson says recent problems started after Thursday’s main water leak. He says a water line was struck by lightning.

“Worked on it for the next, gosh, over 12 hours, various complications, getting it fixed, got it fixed, got all the way back home by 1:00 Friday,” said Johnson.

That led to several outages in Northern Marion County.

“There’s still some pressure problems though, in the Northeast. So Clearwater, who is our water provider, they are taking individual calls, where folks have no pressure. I’ve got two men out right now flushing lines to help get the cloudiness out of the water,” said Johnson.

Johnson said they’re also waiting on approval from the governor’s office to use a one million, twenty-thousand dollar grant they received.

Funding would be used for new meters, well site rehabilitation, GIS mapping to pinpoint problems faster electronically and more.

Marion County officials say the cloudy water some people see is simply a mix of air and water. But it is safe to drink.

News Leader 9 was also not given a definite answer on when these issues will be fixed. However, if you need help, you can call Clearwater Solutions at 334-532-3201, the Board of Commissioners at 229-649-2603, or the water department at 229-649-3490.

You can also email the Marion County Clerk at or email

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