EXCLUSIVE: Daughter of man accused of concealing a death speaks out

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 6:42 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A man charged with concealing the death of his missing wife is still in the Muscogee country jail tonight after facing a judge this morning.

In an exclusive interview you’ll see only on News Leader 9, the daughter of the man accused, she says even though her father is charged with concealing the death, she says her father was in love with his wife and that the remains found will not prove to be murder.

“It was heartbreaking I know my dad’s not a murderer or anything like that, it’s just a shock to everybody including myself,” says Catron.

Shocking for the 17 year old girl who would only give us her last name as Catron.

Coroner Buddy Bryan says the body is tentatively identified as 64 year old Julie Catron who has been missing since November of 2021. The daughter of Clarence Catron says the two were married, and there was no turmoil in the home. “They were a very loving couple, they never fought once, and all they did was spend as much time as possible. They had the greatest ideas about taking trips around the world. They loved each other so much,” says Catron. Catron says since the investigation started the family can’t get any rest.

“I just want everyone to stay out of the road’s and pointing at our houses, or anything like that.” Even though Clarence Catron is charged with concealing a death, his daughter maintains his innocence.

“My father would never murder that woman. She was his everything,” says Catron. Catron says she believes it was a dying wish of Julie Catron to be buried on her property.

“It was probably her last dying wish to be buried in the backyard, with her dog, with animals and kittens, she wanted to be next to him, and that’s probably what he did, and I know my Dad it’s been eating away at him I know him all too well,” says Catron.

She says Julie Catron had been battling liver cancer and refusing treatment, and she says she wants her stepmother to be remembered for how she lived life.

“She was honestly the most sweetest person I ever met. She’s the most loving person that I had around, she was like another mom to me, and everything like me, everyone loved her, even family and friends, everyone loved her to death,” says Catron.

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