Columbus creates city-wide cleanup group in effort to combat litter, illegal dumping issues

Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 6:29 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - While riding around Columbus, you may have noticed that some areas are becoming an eyesore because trash is piling up. The city of Columbus is asking citizens for their help.

Litter everywhere. Deputy City Manager Lisa Goodwin says it is an ongoing problem in Columbus. All Hand on Deck is a city-wide neighborhood cleanup effort established in hopes of having a cleaner Columbus.

“If they help us, then we are going to go in there and do a clean sweep and pick it all up, but we don’t have enough people. We have over two hundred thousand citizens in here, and we have about three thousand city employees, and not all of those are in the area of waste collection, so we just need everybody’s help.”

“In order for us to start cleaning up and keeping things together first, it has to start downtown where our tax dollars go.”

District 4 Councilor Toyia Tucker says this cleanup is deeper than just tax dollars.

“It’s not canceling out the service that the city does via your dollars that you pay. Its saying that Ima get out and I’m going to take care of litter. When you take pride community you invest in your community, more dollars come to your community, and you are appreciative of where you live when you take care of your community.”

Not only is litter an issue, but illegal dumping is also causing problems in the Chattahoochee Valley.

“If they are illegal dumping areas, they are all bad. We have a list of them where people constantly dump. You know its secluded areas where it’s low visibility areas where they can get in and get out without anyone who can see them, particularly at night.”

Due to the illegal dumping in various areas of Columbus, officials tell me they will soon have cameras at sites like these to catch those criminals.

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