Alabama doctor recommends COVID-19 vaccination amid state’s recent increase in cases

Published: Jul. 8, 2022 at 6:03 PM EDT
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EAST ALABAMA (WTVM) - Twenty-six counties in Alabama, including Barbour and Chambers, are reporting high case numbers of COVID-19.

News Leader 9 spoke with a doctor and said the COVID cases are up from 100 cases a day in early April. Now they are seeing just under 2,000 cases a day.

A map created by the Alabama Department of Public Health indicates which counties are experiencing high COVID-19 cases relative to the county population.

In the last week, Barbour and Chambers County are considered to have high levels of community spread, while Russell County is listed as a medium.

According to Dr. Wes Stubblefield, there are three main reasons for the COVID increase in Alabama. First, the omicron variant, the virus changing, and people traveling.

“Concerns that this virus is not going to go away, that this will kind of just be in the background for a time and being vaccinated is one of those things that can keep that severe disease down.”

Wesley Tobert Says he recently got COVID in December and, because of that, received the vaccine a month later and says he hasn’t gotten covid since.

“I know I got a couple fevers a couple times, but I never got it again.”

If you are planning to travel, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a COVID-19 county check to find out the area’s community levels and prevention steps. Also, everyone is now eligible for their third round of at-home covid test. Dr. Stubblefield recommends taking one if you feel symptoms.

“Whereas you may get sick even after your had COVID or even if you had both COVID and vaccine the chances of you getting really sick is dramatically reduced by the vaccine.”

Carolyn Coker says she got her vaccinations when they were first available but still takes safety precautions around those who aren’t vaccinated and says everyone should get vaccinated.

“It is very important, and the reason why is because you don’t know when you are going to be exposed to COVID and COVID is not a friend.”

Dr. Stubblefield says recent studies have shown COVID being the number 4 cause of death for children six months to 11 years. He says if you’re of age to get vaccinated, get your first two doses and booster to keep healthy.

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