DETAILS: Active missing person cases in Columbus

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 4:42 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Missing People: The Columbus Police Department has been seeking help in finding people who’ve disappeared within the past few weeks to years ago.

Today, there are 114 active missing person cases, from critically missing to runaway juveniles, dating as far back as 1985.

“For years we’ve been putting out BOLOs internally through the Columbus Police Department, through different ways we communicate with each other: radio, emails and other resources,” Deputy Chief of Investigative Services for the Columbus Police Department, Ronnie Hastings, explained.

But now the Columbus Police Department is calling on the public for assistance in finding more than 100 people who are missing in the Fountain City.

Just this month, a body found in the backyard of a home after the family of 64-year-old Julie Marie Catron contacted the police department. Catron was last seen in November of last year.

“We had a recent missing person case, a lady buy the name of Julie Catron who was reported missing by her parents and first husband who live in Canada,” Hastings said. “They had not heard from her for some period of time. They finally reported her to the Columbus Police department, and we initiated a missing person investigation. As you know by now, we wound up recovering a body from the residence of the second husband of Julie Catron.”

.... but Hastings explained not all missing person cases end in tragedy. He said the department receives on average five missing person cases daily, mostly 13 to 16 year old runaways who end up being found.

Most recently, Columbus Police are searching for these people-- 27-year-old Jwane Price who was last seen on June 19 at the 6600 block of Kitten Lake Drive.... 65-year-old Harvey “BB” Tarver, last seen on March 9 in the area of 3rd Avenue and William Lee Sullivan was last seen on May 4 on the 1100 block of Steve Mar Drive.

“There are adults who are reported as missing persons and a fair number just left and wanted to get away from people in Columbus for whatever reason. It could be a divorce situation. We find up locating a fair number of those people who say they are fine and don’t want their location identified as long as we can account for their welfare.”

If you have any information on these cases, contact the Columbus Police Department.

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