WTVM Editorial 07/15/22: Carters’ Inspirational Marriage

Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 12:29 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Our former president and once Georgia governor, Jimmy Carter, just celebrated 76 years of marriage with his wife Rosalynn.

That anniversary is so unusual, there aren’t even any statistics that track it. But data experts know that only one tenth of one percent of all married couples even make it to their 70th anniversary.

That’s only 1,000 couples in our country of 330 million people. So being married for 76 years is the rarest of rare feats.

Jimmy Carter is now 97, his wife is 94. The one-term president had his political critics. But his post-presidency life endeared him to many, thanks to his commitment to Habitat for Humanity, human rights and his popular Sunday School classes.

Jimmy Carter is the oldest living ex-president and his First Lady was the first to have an office in the White House.

Their marriage and longevity are both admirable, especially when the divorce rate among people 50 and over is now rising, and the average marriage lasts just 8 years.

So what can we learn from Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s extraordinary marriage?

The former president told the Today show they try to forgive and forget after any quarrel they might have. The Carters also say they remember to be kind to each another. They also read the bible together frequently and never go to sleep upset.

Modern couples can learn a lot from President and Mrs. Carter.

They show us the value of mutual respect, a spiritual connection and a commitment to making their marriage work.

Many couples these days should be inspired by Jimmy and Roslyn Carter’s patience and dedication to one another.

It seems to be a winning recipe for a long marriage.

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