Alabama residents share ways to save money during inflation

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 5:14 PM EDT
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EAST ALABAMA (WTVM) - As we continue to see prices surge, saving money can be crucial to our everyday lives, and even earning a few dollars can help.

One way is keeping track of your spending habits can go a long way with being able to separate items you want and even need. There are also ways to earn money too.

According to World Data, the inflation rate in Alabama is 9.1 percent and in Georgia 9.6 percent.

As items from gas, clothes, and food continue to increase, now is the time to budget to make sure you have money to pay those monthly bills.

Alabama resident Richard Whittington found a way to save money. He said going to discount stores, he finds name-brand items for more than half the price and spends time finding coupons for his groceries.

“You can find discount places. There is several places in town that have stuff at much lower rates. Another thing is looking for the sales. Definitely coupons, especially on the food like Kroger and some other grocery stores. Every time you buy something they print out coupons,” he said.

According to CSL Plasma, you can earn up to $1,000 a month by donating plasma to people who require plasma-delivered therapies to live healthier.

Some plasma locations offer new donors bonuses when signing up and referring friends.

Another perk of donating plasma is earning promotions and rewards for every time you donate. You can use the points earned to trade in for gift cards with real money to use at stores.

Now here’s a way you can both save and earn money. Find stores in your area that give you cash for donating old clothes you don’t wear while also shopping for items you need at a discounted price.

The owner of the consignment store, Fringe in Opelika, Ginger Whatley, said they take items from dresses, purses, shoes, and even baby clothes that are in good shape from the previous owner, and they mark them down to make them affordable.

“I can guarantee the price is 30, 25, 15 percent of what the full retail price was, so you can’t help but save money,” she said.

You can budget your money in many ways, like canceling those tv subscriptions or using reward programs at grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations. There are always ways you can cut back and earn money.

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