Traffic woes continue at Buena Vista Rd. spiderweb intersection in Columbus

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 7:25 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - It’s the talk on this side of town, in Columbus.

“It depends on what time you are coming on the railroad,” says driver LaWanda Martin.

The railroad tracks are empty now, and traffic is flowing, but when the train crosses over the tracks, it causes major traffic delays, and drivers say it is horrible.

“Coming on Wynnton Road and Buena Vista Road, yes, the time I am going to work, I’m like oh my god, the traffic is very hectic, and then we got the train, and that’s a stall for at least another 45 minutes,” says Martin.

That 45 minutes of waiting on traffic to move for drivers like Martin is a huge inconvenience. Additionally, it can also keep emergency vehicles from crossing the intersection.

It’s a concern for other drivers who might have a family member who needs emergency help.

“It’s very bad, because it might cause their death,” says driver Charles Montgomery. In 2012, taxpayers voted to pay an extra penny to complete a project building a bridge over the train tracks to help traffic flow.

The $40 million project has started, but drivers want to see if finished.

“It comes at nine, and at five, the worst times it can come, it will stop, and it has the traffic all backed up,” says Montgomery.

Further down the road on Buena Vista, another project is underway.

One driver says accidents happen almost every day. Hopefully, that will change when a new diamond interchange is implemented.

Basically, drivers will drive on what feels like the wrong side of the road, but it’s proven to help traffic flow.

“We have a lot of accidents here. Sometimes it can be the 18-wheeler truck, sometimes just people not watching what they are doing because of the construction,” says Martin.

Back to the spiderweb, we’re told traffic may be frustrating right now, and things may be worse before they get better, but when they do, it should be well worth the wait.

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