Married elected officials arrested on multiple warrants in Lee County

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 4:30 PM EDT
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OPELIKA, Ala. (WTVM) - An Alabama Senator and Lee County Revenue Commissioner were arrested on multiple misdemeanor warrants, Opelika police confirmed.

Ala. State Senator for District 13 Randy Price and his wife, Lee County Revenue Commissioner Oline Price, were arrested on three warrants for large animals running at large.

According to officials, the arrests stemmed from a complaint from a neighbor that Opelika Animal Control investigated.

“I personally find it completely insane,” said one neighbor Leigh Reach. “The fact this right here that you’re on right now with all these cows, this is our property. They leased it out from us and the fences are in perfectly good condition.”

Neighbors and two of the couple’s sons say the complaint claims a cow escaped from C&H Farms, a property listed under Senator Price’s name.

“Cows are cows, they are going to get out. It’s just like a dog -- it’s going to get out of a fence. A cow is gonna get out of a fence as well,” said Leigh.

Leigh adds usually when cows get out, they tell the family, “We’re all good neighbors. We’re all close to one another and if an animal gets out, we always just have the decency just to text one another and just let them know ‘hey, you have an animal out’ and so be it. So I’m completely confused by this entire situation.”

On August 15, the Prices turned themselves into the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and gave a statement saying,

“Me personally, I think this is completely insane, and very wrong. This family and our family have been together over so many years. And taking care of each other for so long. I haven’t seen the cow do anything harm to anybody,” said Leigh’s wife Renee.

The Prices’ sons claim David Morris filed the complaint after the cow escaped onto his illegal hunting reserve. News Leader 9 spoke to Morris, who lives across the street, but he did not want to make any comment before the case heads to court.

No word yet on when the case will be heard in court.

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