Ala. High School Athletic Association experiencing shortage in sport officials

Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 6:38 PM EDT
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ALABAMA (WTVM) - The high school football season is upon us. The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) is experiencing a shortage of officials for all sports. After losing more than 2,000 officials, they now have only around 6,000 across the state of Alabama.

The AHSAA says some older officials chose not to return due to health concerns during the beginning of COVID-19, and others did not want to return because of verbal abuse and negativity they get during games. Assistant Director Ken Washington says it’s been hard to keep people they recruit in those positions after name calling, stalking and harassment from parents, coaches and sometimes players. He says being an official is tough, and people must realize they are human too.

”There is a career in officiating, and it’s unfortunate that some people are probably missing opportunities because we as fans, parents and coaches are not giving them an opportunity to at least grow in the sport of officiating to see where it takes them,” said Washington.

Washington says those who have a passion for sports and being an official can make it far. If you’re interested, click here.

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