WTVM Editorial 08/17/22: COVID vs. Seasonal Flu

Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 3:24 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Stacy Abrams, candidate for Governor, tested positive for COVID a few days ago and President Biden just endured two bouts of the coronavirus. Someone you know may have COVID right now…because it appears nearly every one of us will get COVID, and maybe more than once.

Right now in Georgia, there are 3,700 cases of COVID, in Alabama the number is 1,700.

Vaccines and boosters may prevent serious illness, but it’s obvious now that despite the vaccines, nearly everyone has had or will get COVID.

The antiviral drug Paxlovid is a treatment effective for some…which is better than when there used to be no therapeutics offered at all.Across the entire United States, COVID cases now number about 116,000…in the entire country.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans suffering from the regular, seasonal flu right now is about 131,000 according to the CDC.

The point of all this is to perhaps state the obvious: COVID is still hanging around. And we hope if you or a family member get it, your symptoms remain mild and you make a complete recovery..

There’s just no way to stop COVID from transmitting from one of us to everyone in our orbit. Especially when the vaccine and boosters have not prevented infection.. Some people may continue to mask and distance themselves, hoping to stay safe.

But masking cannot completely prevent infection, either. More than one local medical office - that still requires masks - now mandate surgical masks only, openly saying cloth masks are not effective.

What really works to limit the spread of any airborne virus is doing the basic things: washing your hands well and frequently, and keeping yourself healthy.

So, while we would never minimize the threat of COVID, especially for elderly people with major complications, it’s a good thing that we’re learning to deal with COVID and trying to finally put it in the rear view mirror.

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