Drivers seeing lower gas prices across Georgia, Alabama

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 4:34 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “I’m happy they are finally going down. They need to go down to the $2 range.”

As the summer driving season comes to an end, gas prices have dropped, but some drivers say it’s still not enough. “If we can go back to $1.99, that sounds pretty good,” says one driver. “I would like to see it go back down to under $2.50 a gallon,” says another driver. “It needs to go down, $.89 a gallon,” says driver Rachel Roger.

Although they aren’t quite that low, according to AAA, the average price in Columbus right now is $3.35 a gallon. It’s a 40-cent difference from what we saw just last month, where Columbus drivers paid $3.77 a gallon.

Across the state of Georgia we are seeing prices average around $3.42. It’s a price tag many say they still can’t afford due to the rise in inflation. “You either have a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk,” says a Columbus driver.

“With the rising cost of food, you know we have to offset something somewhere,” says one driver, which kept these drivers from hitting the road this summer. “We were supposed to go back home to Pennsylvania to see family, but that got put off,” says one driver.

“I have my family in Phenix city, and I’m mostly over here, but the gas is pretty high, and I couldn’t see them,” says another driver.

Across state lines in Alabama the state is averaging around $3.57 a gallon. However, a AAA representative for Alabama says prices are dropping nationwide.

“It seems like everything is going up except our paychecks, and so it was a big problem for a lot of people out there, because the more money you are putting in your gas tank from week to week, the more money, the less money you have to spend on other things,” says Clay Ingram, Public Relations Director of AAA Alabama.