Pet of the Week: Three dogs in need of loving homes at New Hope Rescue

Worthy, Sabar and Jackson are looking for new, loving families!
Worthy, Sabar and Jackson are looking for new, loving families!(Source: New Hope Rescue)
Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 9:59 AM EDT
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OPELIKA, Ala. (WTVM) - We have three special pups who want to join your family!

First up we have Worthy, she is a perfect addition to any family and we just aren’t sure how she hasn’t found her forever home yet! She is a 5-year-old English Bulldog mix weighing in at 50 pounds.

She is great with all dogs, cats and kids! She’s leash-trained and has an excellent recall off-leash. Sometimes, she’ll do a little dance on-leash when she’s excited, though she never pulls or jumps on people.

Worthy is very food driven and will do just about anything for a snack.

If you’re looking for the perfect new addition to your family she is “Worthy” of your love! You can click HERE for more information on her!

Worthy is eagerly waiting for a forever home!
Worthy is eagerly waiting for a forever home!(Source: New Hope Rescue)

Next we have a spunky 1-year-old Husky named Sabar!

This good boy has nearly perfect in-home manners and is a great listener!

Sabar loves other dogs and would actually prefer to have another dog in the house with him so he is not lonely when you have to leave him.

Sabar knows very little about personal space and loves to be in your business at all times, especially when it is time to snuggle on the couch! He loves to watch television and sometimes will drop everything he is doing just to tune-in to a good show or movie.

He would be best with an experienced owner who can handle his big personality, if you’re interested you can CLICK HERE.

Sabar loves going on walks!
Sabar loves going on walks!(Source: New Hope Rescue)

Last but not least we have a floppy-eared fellow named Jackson. He is a 1-year-old hound dog. Jackson was saved from a hoarding case - but that had not messed with this sweet boy at all! He is as happy as can be.

Jackson is very obedient and learns very quickly!

He would be a great addition to a family looking for an energetic dog who knows how to chill out when it’s time to snuggle up on the couch at night.

You can apply for Jackson HERE.

Jackson is all smiles while waiting for his forever family!
Jackson is all smiles while waiting for his forever family!(Source: New Hope Rescue)