Ga. experts speak about possible 3rd COVID booster shot

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 10:15 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - COVID-19, a virus that has changed our lives since 2020. From wearing masks, working from home, and going to school virtually, to getting multiple shots, keeping our distance and washing hands more often than we’d like to. With new variants popping up here and there, it seems as if the disease is here to stay, but now there is the third booster.

“So there is a new booster that should be out, I think by the end of the week, the FDA is expected to approve it by the end of the week.,” says Terri Jordan, Physician Assistant & CEO of Acute Care Emergence.

Although the health department says, they don’t have much information about the new booster, they agree with Jordan about maintaining basic health practices to keep from contracting the virus.

“Going into the fall, I just want to use the common sense health practices like washing your hands people don’t think makes a big difference it really does,” says Pamela Kirkland Public Relations Coordinator West Central Georgia Public Health Department.

According to health experts, the booster called Bivalent will help control symptoms associated with the new variants of the virus.

“It is supposed to be superior to the current strains, which is the ba-4 and ba-5, but it is supposed to hold a good strong hold of the original strain of COVID-19 as well,” says Jordan.

Hopefully, keeping numbers on the decline. The rollout of the vaccine could be soon after the labor day weekend, but Jordan tells us she always sees an increase in COVID-19 transmission after the holidays.

“It has historically always cropped up over holiday weekends, and it cropped up again since school started, and the summer was over,” says Jordan. For those who are high risk? “I highly recommend those who are high risk or immunocompromised to definitely get the third new booster that’s coming out,” says Jordan.