WTVM Editorial 09/13/22: The Modest Queen

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 12:52 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The passing of Queen Elizabeth certainly marks the end of an era. Even before her remarkable reign, the young Elizabeth had a natural sense of duty.

Although she never had a driver’s license, Elizabeth drove and repaired heavy trucks during World War II, as an 18 year-old princess eager to do anything to help England defeat the Nazis.

It was a modest wartime assignment, one she sought herself. When her father died suddenly in 1952, Princess Elizabeth became a young Queen acutely aware of her daunting responsibilities.

She was the first monarch to be coronated on television. She pledged to her royal subjects to put them and her country above her own personal needs and she kept that promise.

She was a humble celebrity.

Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration to generations of young women who saw this very normal woman handle the life of a wife and mother of four, all while carrying out her royal duties around the globe for 70 years.

She was strong as the Queen, but always modest. She didn’t have to demand respect, her actions earned her respect all over the world.

Throughout the multiple nasty family scandals of the 90′s that might have toppled any other monarchy, Queen Elizabeth always stayed focused.

She kept her promise to put Great Britain first, but never herself.

And that’s just what she did a mere two days before she passed away, welcoming the newest British prime minister - her 15th - at the Queen’s castle in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth lived for 96 years - another remarkable achievement – and she did her duty until her dying day.

The Queen will be remembered as an honest, smart and modest woman whose life of service can be an inspiration to all of us.