Seabreeze residents in Columbus protesting rise in lot rent

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 11:24 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Residents at a Columbus Mobile Park are protesting the $200 a month rise on their lot rent. Residents say they barely have water half of the time, and sewers are so backed up, causing unsanitary drinking water.

Many residents of Sea Breeze Mobile Park homes have been there for over 20 years. They say it has continued to get worse every year. One resident I spoke with who was previously a maintenance worker says the amount of elderly people who are on fixed incomes will be homeless soon if they do raise the rent.

Back in July, residents of Sea Breeze Mobile Home Park spent almost a month without running water. Those who did have running water say they were experiencing low water pressure.

One resident I spoke with says those issues are still a problem today. Resident John King says he doesn’t understand how they can raise lot rent when management doesn’t keep up their lots.

“You know when the water is on you know the water is dirty a lot of times the water comes out looking more milky than like water and when it’s not milky it’s muddy.”

A previous maintenance worker of Sea Breeze Mobile Park Homes who also lives in the park says the sewage pits that runs from the homes are collapsed. With the sewage having nowhere to go he says the only thing that’s keeping them from overflowing is the sewage going into ground. John King says he rarely can enjoy sitting on his front porch.

“A lot of times it smells like raw sewage my trailer itself during the day if you step out on the front porch you and sit down you can smell raw sewage coming out from under my trailer.”

One mother I spoke with says she doesn’t allow her kids to play outside because of how hazardous it is.

“It’s so outrageous having to pay this much to be living out here and dealing with this and having to worry about my children safety and worrying about if they’re gonna get sick coming out in the yard just playing and having to go up on the rent they need to fix all this before they even try to go up on the rent.”

Another resident I spoke with says he has had to do his own repairs to a power pole that was cracked at the bottom to keep his lights on his home.

“It was leaning so bad back then to where I just got to the point where I said I better check this matter my own hand you know me because I stay here you know I’m saying I gotta have power OK I got a hot water tank in that electrical if that hot water tank goes I got cold water shower like a fish, and I’m not fish.”