Ft. Benning holds training on lethal force for international service members

Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 10:16 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Students from all over the globe are on Fort Benning to learn valuable techniques in lethal force, a tactic that has been debated for years regarding human rights.

“When they go back to their countries, they will treat everyone and all persons with dignity and respect,” Dr. Tony Raimondo, Director of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy.

The service members took part in a three-day workshop that ended Thursday.

A school on the army post - the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation - and the international committee of the red cross teach soldiers and officers from Columbia, Peru, Mexico, and Paraguay. The main topic -- strategic ways to use force.

“To protect, citizens from bad actors and ultimately protect them from bad people,” says Raimondo.

Instructors say what they are learning in these classrooms today will aid in preventing sexual violence and gender-based violence, cyber operations, using weapons systems, and maintaining law and order.

The goal is to have service members return home to teach other service members what they learned.

“The purpose of all of the instructors who are taking this workshops is to take back to their countries what they have learned so they can strengthen and promote human rights, strengthen the respect for human rights,” says Jose Sanchez, Lt. Commander, Peruvian Navy.

They are training to protect all citizens of the world.

“Protect people from organized criminal elements, who terrorize them and victimize them,” says Raimondo.