Inflation affecting the holiday season in Alabama

Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 6:21 PM EST
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ALABAMA (WTVM) - Inflation is a top concern this holiday season, and as prices continue to increase, it’s causing shoppers to reevaluate how much money they can spend during the holidays.

Many shoppers are saying they are not letting inflation ruin their holiday traditions. Some tell me they are cutting back in other areas or even picking up a second job to celebrate the holidays as usual with their loved ones.

As shoppers enter stores with long lists of groceries and gifts and even filling up the tanks, budgets are a little tighter due to inflation. According to Trading Economics, the annual inflation rate in the U-S slowed for a 4th month to 7.7 percent in October, the lowest since January. Whereas just in September, we were seeing 8.2 percent.

Alabama resident Marcus Mcloud said his bills are the first priority, but afterward, it doesn’t leave him much for needed items. This redirects him to pick up a second job door dashing. He says he also makes a point to support small businesses for the gift-giving season.

“We’re all out here, you know, hustling trying to make some money, it also helps them out in the long run and then, like I’ve been trying it with this Black Friday. Walmart is having these deals every week, so I’ve tried to run over there and see what I can find on sale,” said Mcloud.

Auburn realtor Courtney Jimmerson said his job requires a lot of driving; therefore, he’s cutting back on name-brand groceries. However, he says if he has to travel more during the holiday season, he will make more educated decisions on what he purchases.

“I mean a few things in the grocery store, you know things I used to buy are probably two or three dollars more, so I might put it back now. You know what I’m saying I might not need it as much,” said Jimmerson.

According to Southeastern Grocers, now through November 22nd, all Winn-Dixie stores are offering a Thanks-winning holiday meal for under 30 dollars with everything customers need to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Then through the New Year, they are lowering prices on more than 150 items every day to help save more than 15 percent on average during the holidays.