Ways to stick to your Thanksgiving Day budget despite inflation

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 10:37 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “$200.00 would get me where I need to be for a month of groceries, but now, I’m having to spend $300.00, and $400.00 and I can’t be doing that no more,” says shopper Samuel Perez.

We are all seeing it at the cash register. Thanksgiving will be here in about a week, but people are already shopping for the big feast, telling us it’s hurting their pockets.

“It’s a significant difference, for instance, the eggs, the eggs are like 5 dollars a dozen,” says shopper Tammy Yance. “Lately, all I have been able to afford is junk food now, and stuff like chicken and stuff is incredibly expensive now,” says Perez.

Take a look at the numbers. According to gobankrates.com, turkey will cost you 17% more this year, while butter is up nearly 30%, while gravy for your turkey will cost you 16% more to make and consumers see the difference.

“Eggs and butter, like goodness, I get the family stuff so it can last me, but even then, it’s way too expensive,” says Perez.

With the rising cost of inflation, several people tell us, it doesn’t take a thanksgiving meal for them to see the difference when they shop. But there are some other ways to save and stretch your dollar.

“My advice would really be, I hate to say this, but maybe use generics, maybe use coupons, looks for deals,” says Yance. “Coupons, definitely coupons, wherever you can, and shop for deals,” says Perez. While some shoppers say grow your own feast. “You’re talking thanksgiving and inflation, and yes, it is because you’re not able to grow your own. Once you’re able to grown your own, a pack of seeds will cost you a dollar and a half, and a bunch of greens here will cost you $4.00,” says shopper Willie Jones.