Columbus residents say mail delivery is delayed

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 10:45 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “We’ve been having difficulties with our mail deliveries, some days we get mail, some days we don’t,” says Elsa Bisset. Elsa Bisset and her roommate Ruth Francis have been living here for about three years, and they say nine months without consistent mail delivery is too long. After their original mail carrier was injured, they have lost trust in the post office to deliver to them on time. “I’d like to able to trust the mail service is going to deliver my mail when it says it’s going to be delivered,” says Bisset. For her roommate Ruth, her issue of not getting mail is a bit more serious. She’s not getting her medication deliveries. “

I’m former military, and I rely on the mail to bring my medication once a month, and when I don’t have my medication, that’s a problem,” says Francis. What also concerns them is that they aren’t the only ones experiencing the issue. Francis showed me an app they use to keep up with what’s happening in their neighborhood. “I’m on the next-door app, and people are constantly saying I didn’t get any mail today. I haven’t gotten mail since November 18th,” says Francis.

Look at one woman who posted, “Does anyone know what’s going on with our mail delivery? We have only received mail 1 or 2 time in the last two weeks, we normally get a box full every day. I have contacted the post office, but it is a process that takes several days to get a response.”

She showed us where another woman posted having the same issue. “It’s been a full week since the post office has delivered letter mail. They’ve delivered packages at 10 p.m. but no letters/bills. Anyone else having this trouble? I’ve reached out to the post office but gotten no response and still no mail,” says one person on a neighborhood app. They say it is a neighborhood issue they want it to be resolvedd, especially before the holidays. “What I would like to have done is to find out what’s the cause of this unreliable mail delivery. That’s what I would like to see resolved,” says Bisset.

We reached out to the communications department with the postal service and are waiting for a response, but they told us by phone that they will look into the issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.