How to protect your home and car from frigid temperatures

Published: Dec. 20, 2022 at 10:44 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Changes are coming to the Chattahoochee Valley and our weather forecast. With a deep drop in temperatures, local plumbers say this is a busy time of year as homeowners may forget to take care of their pipes.

“If we open the cabinet doors up, it allows some of the warmer air from the house to circulate under there, and I would do that for any vanities from an outside wall to do the same,” says Breck Stoess.

Also, turning on your faucet can save thousands of dollars in repairs from a bursting pipe. “To crack the water on, it doesn’t have to be a whole lot. We don’t want everyone to raise their water bills a whole lot, but just enough to keep that water flowing,” says Stoess. Of course, as the mercury drops and you turn the heat up in your home, there’s also the danger of fires, but ways to prevent that too.

“This is that time of year where we may get some extreme temperatures, we need to be prepared for that. We may have to use kerosene heaters. I wouldn’t encourage that but make sure you have a good 3-to-5-foot radius around that heater.” says John Shull.

Columbus Fire Marshal John Shull also says to keep combustible items away from heaters and children and pets. The frigid weather can also impact your vehicle. If you have to drive in this weather, experts say to run your defroster before pulling off and never pour hot water on your windshield if it’s iced over.

Chief Shull also says always keep blankets in your car in case it breaks down in the cold. “Also, make sure that when you are in a vehicle, you have a plan. A few years back in Atlanta, we had a terrible snow storm. I hope that doesn’t happen in Columbus,” says Shull.