‘We Do Amazing...Careers’: City of Columbus, Goodwill Southern Rivers host hiring event

“We just want to meet amazing candidates to turn them into amazing employees,” says Mariah Thomas, Human Resource Specialist for the city of Columbus.
Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 7:15 AM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The city of Columbus continues to work hand in hand with community partners to fill hundreds of open job positions. Now that city council has approved a new pay plan, there are more competitive salaries to offer and more jobs to fill.

“We have 122 open positions as of now, most of them are for our parks and recreation and our public works department,” says Mariah Thomas, Columbus Consolidated Government (CCG) Human Resource recruiter.

Thomas meet job seekers with a smile at the “We Do Amazing...Careers” hiring event at the Goodwill Career Center Thursday morning.

“We just want to meet amazing candidates to turn them into amazing employees,” says Thomas.

Recruiters from city departments were present hoping to hire eligible candidates in person, and on the spot.

“These opportunities to meet the community, meet interested candidates, they’re vital,” says John Shull, Division Chief, Fire Marshal Columbus Fire Department

Shull says being a firefighter or EMT is a unique position that they are looking to fill.

“Realizing that being a firefighter can be physically arduous and it’s challenging at times, but we’re always looking for people to come and join the fire department.”

Columbus resident Kaili Spear is hoping to land one of the 122 full and part-time jobs open to be filled soon.

“Hopefully, now that I put my face to my name instead of just applying online, my chances of getting something will overweigh that,” says Spear.

After getting back on her feet from a car accident in March 2022, Spear showed up to take advantage of the face to face interaction with potential employers. She has a message for those who are struggling on the job hunt:

“Keep applying, keep asking questions, because at one point you’re going to want to keep asking questions to make sure you’re qualified for a position.”

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