‘I pray that he suffers’: Amore Wiggins’ mother shares feelings toward child’s father

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 6:24 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “If you could talk to Mr. Vickerstaff, what would you say to him,” asks WTVM reporter Katrice Nolan.

“I wouldn’t even know where to start. It always wondered in my mind, all the why’s but now it’s no justification, because now my child is gone,” says Wiggins.

Sherry Wiggins says she has been devastated since finding out her daughter has been dead for so many years and possibly at the hands of her father. Amore’s mother is speaking out about how she found out the news of her daughter’s death.

“They had asked me questions about if I knew a Lamar Vickerstaff, and I indicated that we shared a common child. and they started to brief me on the Opelika “Jane Doe” case, that had been open for over 10 years at that time,” says Wiggins.

Wiggins was not familiar with the case considering she lived hundreds of miles away from the mobile home park where Amore’s remains were found. she says within the first two years of Amore’s life, Amore’s stepmother, Ruth Vickerstaff, would pick her daughter up for visits without incident, up until the Vickerstaff’s gained full custody. Wiggins says if issues between them and Amore were happening, she wishes they would have given her back.

“I wish that whatever was going on, I wish that his wife would have reached out, I wish he would have just called me and said sherry we need to bring her home if things weren’t working. she still had a little voice and his wife could have done that if things were getting hard,” says Wiggins.

She says she tried several times to reach out to see Amore but was blocked, by phone, email., social media, and even the police being called with claims that Wiggins was harassing Vickerstaff. “How many times did you go to court for custody? If you can give a number,” asks Nolan.

“I would say I got to the point where I at least tried every other year,” says Wiggins. And as the years passed, Wiggins was waiting for her 18th birthday which Amore would never live to see.

“I told myself that I couldn’t be threatened by him with the law of harassing him, I couldn’t be in violation of a court order of not having any rights, none of that could happen once she reached 18,” says Wiggins.

She says she never got to say goodbye to her daughter, but now the community knows who her daughter is. “She’s no longer ‘Jane Doe’, and she does have a name, and her name means something very special,” says Wiggins.

Now that her father has been arrested facing murder charges and her step mother facing charges of failure to report a missing child, Wiggins says justice needs to be served. “I pray that he gets everything that he deserves, and I pray that he suffers the way that my child did him and Ruth because no child deserves what she went through,” says Wiggins.

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