Arrest warrant of Lamar Vickerstaff reveals that he knew Amore Wiggins

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 12:44 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “The community needs answers. We want to know what makes an animal do this,” says the Captain Johnathan Clifton Investigator with Opelika Police Department. “

Questions continue for the Opelika Police Department as they work to find answers in the case of Amore Wiggins. When we talked to the captain of investigators in the case last week, he had plenty to say about where the investigation stands now.

“Just to lay a child a 4,6,7 year old child in a wooded lot, where a swamp’s at, who does that,” says Clifton. Investigators say Lamar Vickerstaff did that, in the arrest warrant obtained by WTVM, a witness statement puts Lamar Vickerstaff in Opelika during the estimated time of death.

“He was born and raised here, and does have family members and close friends who live in that general area where her remains were located,” says Opelika Police Chief Shane Healey.

Although police and investigators believe Amore Wiggins may have been dumped in the Brookhaven Mobile Home Park, around 2011 they tell me Vickerstaff’s cell phone records will help them narrow whether or not he disposed of Amore’s remains.

“It depends on his cell phone provider, all that information, yes,” says Clifton.

Once investigators narrowed down that Lamar Vickerstaff was the father of the remains found, wanting more confirmed information, they set up an interview with him through the naval criminal investigative service, or NCIS, but upon the initial meeting, Lamar Vickerstaff would be absent without leave, or AWOL from the Navy.

“Coordinated with NCIS, they help us get his DNA, and we went to interview him, and at the time he didn’t say he had another child, didn’t know Amore or anything like that,” says Clifton.

They tell us, they will continue to work for the community to uncover evidence to find out what happened to Amore Wiggins.

“We’re not going to quit fighting, we’re not going to quit investigating, just because they have been arrested, we’re not going to quit until we have all the answers,” says Healey.