Columbus apartment fire results in numerous people to lose everything

(MGN online)
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 10:16 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A number of people at an apartment complex in Columbus lost everything to a late-night fire. It happened at Hampton Place, with fire crews arriving on the scene around 3:30 this morning

Tenants say they were in bed when they heard firefighters banging on their doors. Many of them say this is something they never imagined happening to them. One mother I spoke with says she is just happy to be alive.

Jazzie Frazier, asleep with her boyfriend and son, says when she realized the apartment was on fire, her first instinct was to grab her son. Once they all made it to the door and opened it, all she could see was flames and black smoke.

“It definitely hit home once we seen the actual damage done because they weren’t letting anyone up it was you know by the God say the grace of God that we were able to glimpse and get a picture but you know you just work so hard for the things that you know you have and it just keeps taking from you in like the snap of a finger.”

Frazier, a makeup artist, lost all of her equipment in the fire, along with all of her son’s belongings. she says the number one priority now is getting her son what he needs.

“Me and my boyfriend we’ll get back up on our feet like sooner or later but yeah I’m not picky I’m not going to say I want y’all to give me $1,000,000 so I can get myself back together just anything that can help and of course mostly for my baby’.”

One tenant Sharon King who was living underneath the apartment that caught fire says being woken up in the middle of the night and having to rush to put on clothes was startling and surreal.

“So by the time we got outside everything was engulfed and in flames and it’s super scary when the apartment on top of you is the one on fire but thank God you know the ceiling didn’t cave in we were able to get out on time and safe and still here.”

King says, watching her belongings be destroyed...she had a number of emotions go through her mind.

“Just like I wanna grab all of my stuff but I know I don’t have the time to grab all of my things and it’s like you work so hard for everything and you just lose it on account of somebody else you know and basically have to start from scratch like we literally just moved over there last year.”

If you would like to help the families affected by this fire, the information is below you can CashApp Jazzie Frazier at $BeatzByJazzie and Sharon King at $mindsettsnk.