LaGrange Police Department hosts Saving Our Son event

Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 5:44 PM EST
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LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) - Following the recent shootings in the community, an Altana youth violence agency came to LaGrange today to speak to young boys about avoiding dangerous situations and risk factors of guns, drugs and alcohol.

“Don’t get In trouble, stay free and don’t let nothing happen to you and don’t lead yourself into trouble,” said King, a student in the program.

That is one of the many lessons taught by an Atlanta Youth Violence agency called the Saving Our Sons campaign.

Director and Founder Bruce Griggs said city officials contacted him after recent gun violence in the area involving juveniles. Griggs says the younger generation thinks they know the answers to everything and that ends up leading to bad decision making… their main goal.

“Is for these kids to stay alive and free…free from incarceration, staying alive is very important, but they have to taught the tools to reach that point,” founder Bruce Griggs.

Shawna Love, Executive Director of Boys 2 Men Development said they focus on teaching young males academic leadership skills… she says the violence is spreading all over the state and wants to be part of the solution to put an end to it.

“Our slogan is, it takes a village, and we have to be that village. We cannot sit back and say any longer that ‘this is not my business but it is your business when it becomes one of your family members or one of your youth that is involved in one of these shootings,” said Shawna Love.

Board of Trustees for Boys and Girls club of America, Marvin Mcintyre said he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, being brought up by his mom as she raised four kids by herself… he said he understands what these kids are going through and wants to mentor them in the right direction.

“Let them know that not everyone is meant to hang out on the streets, that there are opportunities out there that you can grow and prosper just by taking advantage of those people who want to mentor you to do great things,” Marvin Mcintyre.

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