Two additional judges hired at Muscogee County Recorder’s Court

Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 11:02 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Recorder’s court in Muscogee County is where most court cases are heard for the first time. Back in November when we talked to the District Attorney, he told us then the number of cases were coming down.

“The last number was that about 700 cases that were waiting in the county jail that are waiting for trials,” said Stacey Jackson, Muscogee County District Attorney. With a backed up log, due to COVID, now there have been two judges who are now sworn in to hear cases, tackling the docket. Prosecutor Alonza Whitaker and Susan Henderson sworn in together Wednesday. We met up with Whitaker who tells us he is committed to serving the appointment. “Our job as recorder’s court judge is to listen to the evidence and determine whether there is probable cause,” says Whitaker.

Meaning both he and Henderson will hear first some of the most toughest cases in Muscogee County like murder, assault, drug charges, and several other tough charges. “I think we are going to be a benefit to Columbus and the city by making sure the right cases get to the right people,” says Whitaker. He says with the recent shootings in Columbus this past week end, it is time to come together and collaborate with organizations like Columbus against drugs or C.A.D. to help stop gun violence.

“We’re out there doing all we can, we are open doors for someone else to sit out there higher to get out in these streets to help us along the way,” says Linda Robinson. But he also says the recent appointment of both judges to that the back log will start to go down. “I think we will help stream line, the process and make sure cases get to the right court. And with that I think that will help with any back log,” says Whitaker.