Family of Amore Wiggins lay her to rest in Virginia

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 10:34 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - “She has a name, say it loud, Amore Jo’Veah Wiggins,” says the mother of Amore Wiggins. With tears, Sherry Wiggins reads a poem aloud at her daughter’s funeral. The mother recalling if she could have her daughter one more time.

“I wish I could hold your hand and kiss your cheek, just to let you know how much you mean to me,” said Wiggins. Detectives from Opelika with the investigative unit were in Virginia to memorialize Amore Wiggins. Her remains found over 11 years ago in a mobile home park, with no way to identify the child or her parents. Detective Alfred White who stuck with the case throughout the years until an identity could be made.

Telling mourners, how much Amore meant to him and the Opelika Police Department. “Amore we love you, we do. We all love you amore, if you didn’t get to hear from the people who had you last you can hear it from here, we love you,” says Sgt. White. Her name amore meaning love and symbols of love were displayed throughout the service. “Her name alone means something very powerful, and that’s what everyone has continued to express,” says Wiggins.

The family wearing red and pink to represent the colors of love, as family members recalling her smile during happier times, even if they were only for a brief moment. “She let me pick her up every time, she would reach up for me and she would smile, and her aunt would reach for her and she would shake her little head no,” says a family member of Wiggins’.

“I miss her I didn’t get to spend much time with her, but the little bit of time I did have with her she was a very happy child,” says the Grandmother of Amore Wiggins. Amore’s mother reminding mourners, that she is no longer a jane doe.

“She has a name, say it loud, Amore Jo’veah Wiggins,” says Wiggins.