Reading with a champ: Super Bowl champ Malcolm Mitchell reads to Brookstone students

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 11:05 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Former Georgia Bulldog and Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell hosted an assembly for Brookstone students and even read and gave out copies of his children’s book, The Magician’s Hat on Monday morning.

“Reading is just such a fundamental tool to being a fundamental tool to being a productive citizen in this society and if I can be of some encouragement and to the community. Then I take a lot of pride in that,” Mitchell said.

Malcolm credits his own story as the inspiration behind his book.

“The inspiration’s behind the magician’s hat was me understanding the magic of books. That I could find a book on any topic, learn that information and then apply it to help me accomplish any goal that I have in my mind. To me there’s nothing more magical than that,” Mitchell said.

During Mitchell’s assembly, he engaged the students with interactive activities including bringing along a magician, a key component of his book.

The way Mitchell happened to make Monday’s appearance, happened to be behind his close connection with Brookstone Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Rance Gillespie.

For the coach, he says seeing his former player thrive in his new calling was truly something special.

“They talk about the coaching profession being very gratifying because you’re able to influence kids, that’s really why you get into it. You know if you’re not careful one of those kids will influence you and that’s certainly what Malcolm has done for me,” Gillespie said.

If there’s one takeaway, he hopes students learns from his story.

“Reading is the key, there are many things we can do in life. But there are very few as empowering as reading a book. Being able to acquire that information and use it to help it accomplish your goal in life,” Mitchell said.