‘Please stop, I have a wife,’: Words from a stabbing victim in Muscogee Co. court proceedings

Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 11:07 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Michael Hunt: “Please stop, I have a wife, I have kids. Please stop.” District Attorney Jackson: “Did he stop?” Hunt: “No he didn’t, he just continued on and on.” Michael Hunt on the witness stand recalling being stabbed in the neck and torso multiple times.

22-year-old Jayvon Hatchett is the man accused of aggravated assault in the crime. Hatchett sitting quietly with his hands over his mouth while video of him admitting to police he stabbed Hunt and burned his clothes was presented as evidence from the prosecution.

Officer: “You watched this video, and I’m just going out on a limb now, because I’m white right? As an African-American male, you felt upset at what you saw on the video.” Hatchett: “Yeah.” Officer: “How did that make you feel?” Hatchett: “Nothing.” Officer: “And so because of that video, that caused you to go up to the auto zone and do this?” Hatchett: Inaudible

Also, during court proceedings, that same body camera video showing Hatchett took police to the kitchen to get the knife he says he used to stab Hunt.

Officer: “In that third drawer? Take out your phone and take a picture of it.” Hunt’s family sitting in court fight back tears hearing how hunt pled for his life.

“The last one he did, he hit me in the back of my right lung (inaudible) I was having trouble breathing,” says Michael Hunt.

District Attorney Stacey Jackson saying during opening statements that Hatchett targeted hunt because he was white.

Jackson: “The evidence will show that this is something that after being arrested and taken into custody he realized the consequences he was facing.” The defense entering a not guilty plea by reason of insanity.

Crab: “He believed that everybody was out to get young black men, him in particular.”

The state rested Tuesday and the defense will present its evidence Wednesday.