Court proceedings for Lamar Vickerstaff continue in Lee County

Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 7:09 PM EDT
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OPELIKA, Ala. (WTVM) - Opelika’s Baby Jane Doe, now identified as Amore Wiggins’ remains, were found in Brookhaven mobile home Park in 2012. As of last year, with the help of a forensic DNA company… Amore’s biological father, Lamar Vickerstaff Jr., was arrested and charged with felony murder, while her stepmom, Ruth Vickerstaff, is facing a failure to report a missing child charge.

Amore’s biological mother, Sherri Wiggins, lost custody of Amore to the Vickerstaff couple around 2007 but had been paying child support for the past 13 years, not knowing her daughter was dead.

A preliminary hearing was held Wednesday afternoon for Lamar and Ruth Vickerstaff… Detective Alfred White, who has been working on this case for years, was called up to the stand… At one point, Detective White talks about his interview with Ruth Vickerstaff after her arrest.

“She knowledge that she knew Amore, she advised she was untruthful during the visit just because she didn’t know what was going on. She advised she became overwhelmed with taking care of Amore and requested that Lamar take Amore to his family.”

Ruth tells Detective that was the last time she saw Amore… she also brought up that she received a visit prior from Child Protective Services while living in Virginia when Lamar was Deployed in the Navy. White says an anonymous caller who knew Ruth but not know Lamar complained about injuries they saw on Amore.

“While he knowledge that he killed Amore, he denied causing injuries to Amore.”

Military records confirm Lamar was on a ship and deployed while he had Amore…White says he believes from October 2010 until October 2011 he was in another state working for the Navy. Amore’s death was determined to be a homicide and believed to have occurred between the summer of 2010 to 2011.

“Returned home from deployment is when about the same time that he had to get rid of Amore.”

Detective White says in an interview with Lamar he says he drove from Virginia to Alabama with Amore when he returned from deployment.

“He repeatedly said he did it, he wanted his wife not to be charged and that is what he was seeking from some sort of deal he wanted to make.”

Lamar told Detective White He recalled placing her where she was ultimately found. He reportedly would not give details on how he quote did it... and, according to the detective, he said he did try to bring her back to life.