Some LaFayette residents without water, others asked to boil before drinking

Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 10:47 AM EDT
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LAFAYETTE, Ala. (WTVM) - Residents in LaFayette are being asked to boil water before consuming due to damage to the city’s water infrastructure. The city of Lafayette was left without water after a massive breech on Chambers County Road 48 caused the main water pipeline into the city to burst... The city has declared a state of emergency and is currently getting water from Hugley.

Officials say flooding on Monday caused the City Lake to rise and overflow. Erosion along area roadways also damaged a critical section of the city’s water main that feeds the water plant.

Currently, nearby Hughley Water is assisting LaFayette, but there is not enough volume to compensate for typical demand. City officials estimate Hughley can provide roughly half of the typical water supply used in LaFayette. Some areas will experience low pressure when trying to access water. Other areas may not have water at all until repairs are made to the city system.

“While the county is responsible for County Road 48, it is the city of Lafayette’s responsibility to repair the broken water lines, the large water breach and replace the two large 6-foot water spill way pipes, if needed,” said the city.

The city is under a precautionary water boil notice while using Huguley’s water, see below:

City of Lafayette holds emergency meeting on possible water restriction
City of Lafayette holds emergency meeting on possible water restriction(Source: City of Lafayette)

“I don’t know what to say because I don’t know what is going to happen,” said resident Ashlee Noles.

Residents in Lafayette are in disbelief as the city has declared a state of emergency during a press conference Wednesday morning… this stems from a severe thunderstorm Sunday morning that left a massive breech on Chambers County road 48 near the city reservoir.

City Engineer, Allen Tucker said the flooding caused the road to break in half, busting the main water pipeline into the city… leaving them to buy water from Hugley Water where they can only provide the city with half the volume of water they are used to receiving.

“So the plan is to fill that hole in bring the hole up to a level that we can replace the pipe that is blown out and damaged,” said Tucker.

A video taken Tuesday showing an overflow from the city reservoir pouring into the massive breach…Tucker says it stopped Wednesday morning and crews will be sent out soon to start fixing the pipeline.. he said it could be days or weeks before the issue is resolved.

Resident Ashlee Noles, a business owner of rental property, says some of her tenants still have water while others are without.

“Do we shut our businesses down are people going to be able to take baths do they need to move out of the city, I mean people don’t even have water to flush the toilet and that’s a problem,” said said resident Ashlee Noles.

The city also announced a precautionary boil water notice to all residents and All restaurants are asked to shut down until the issue is resolved...

“You know sometimes things happen that we cant control God does what he wants to do and at the end of the day were a strong community and we are going to get past this,” said Councilman Toney Thomas.

All residents are asked to conserve the water from Hugley as they attend to the issue. Water will be handed out Thursday at the highway department. The time is to be announced.

Proclamation was signed Wednesday Afternoon for a state of emergency...along with a phase one ordinance that breaks down more ways to conserve water.

Phase one under ordinance 429: “There shall be hose washing of sidewalks, driveways parking areas. There shall be no waters to clean or fill or maintain levels of swimming pools or decorative fountains. All restaurants, hotels, cafes, cafeterias or other places with food that serves you must bring a complimentary glass of water. No customer in the state of Lafayette should permit a water leak and shall not repair a leak. No lawn, turf area or gardens...flower or vegetable shall be watered with the city water. No washing automobiles, trucks, tractors or trailers or any vehicle is prohibited until normal conditions are reinstated.”