VIDEO: Columbus couple adopts last child of 7 siblings with Easter surprise

“There’s so many kids that need help, in this county and surrounding counties.”
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 10:59 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Thousands of foster children across Georgia are waiting to find their forever home. Some wait for years. 400 of those children are in Muscogee County, but today that list gets a little shorter after one child and his siblings finally get their chance to be a family with their new adoptive parents.

For a 4-year-old boy, Legend, an Easter egg came with a new name and an official family this year. We first met The Turbeville’s just before Christmas in 2021. They gave the gift of family to 6 siblings that year, with plans of adopting a seventh child. According to Carmen Overton, with Clement Arts, a foster care ministry in Columbus, it’s a feat not seen often.

“Unfortunately that’s really difficult especially when you have a larger sibling set because people just don’t either have the space or they feel like they don’t have the capacity to take in multiple children.”, said Overton.

Their seventh adopted child Legend now goes by William Turbeville. Angela, William’s new mom, said she’s had him and his siblings since he was a baby. The kids had a rough time before making it to their new home. According to Overton, it’s a story that’s all too common for the 400 foster kids in Muscogee County.

Overton said, “Every child who comes into the foster care system, even if they come in as a new born, is coming from some type of trauma.”

The Turbeville’s say they want to turn it all around for the kids.

Once empty nesters, the couple picked up and bought a farm in Marion county to help accommodate their new family.

“We’ve been working on adoption, since 2020, and now we’ve finalized number 7,” said Angela Turbeville.

When asked what’s next for the family, Elliot Turbeville said, “We’ve got a lot of help on the farm though.”

Elliot encouraged others to consider adoption. He said, “There’s so many kids that need help, in this county and surrounding counties. There’s good agencies around that can train you and good agencies to work with and there’s plenty of kids who need help.”

Foster Care Agencies in the Chattahoochee Valley Include:

Hope Foster Care & Adoption

Clement Arts

Stepstone Family and Youth Services

Necco Foster Care

Benchmark Family Services