Columbus business owner fed up with illegal truck parking, dumping

Its been two weeks since we first told you about 4.0 Fitness business owner Terrence Flowers trash and truck driver problem.
Published: Apr. 26, 2023 at 6:08 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We first told you about a business owner’s dilemma with truck drivers illegally parking and dumping trash in his parking lot on Buena Vista Road. We learned the problem may not be a lack of public parking but knowing where to go.

It’s been two weeks since we first told you about 4.0 Fitness business owner Terrence Flowers’s trash and truck driver problem.

“Ever since I’ve been on the news, truckers have been leaving messages on my voicemail,” said Flowers. “They’ve also went to my website and left bad reviews, even though I’ve never met these people.”

Flowers, along with some of the other businesses in the parking lot, have a problem with trucks illegally parking and leaving trash in their lot. The parking problem had slowed up from when we first showed you but not the trash.

Flowers told News Leader 9 everything from bottles of urine to used condoms could be found in the parking lot.

Flowers’ business sits in the old Walmart parking lot on Buena Vista Road, District four councilor Toyia Tucker’s district. She says she is working to find a solution to the problem. However, for now, there’s only so much the city can do.

”Call 911 and report it, call 311 and report it because a lot of times they’re dumping and doing other things that can be enforced by codes.”, said Tucker. “Unfortunately, it is not a city function [to establish parking] per se. It would have to be a private business.”

“They’re saying that it’s on the property owners, and they’re also willing to find the property owners for the trash. The thing is, the property owners are not leaving the trash.”, said Flowers. ”4.0 is a fitness center. Our main thing here is training. I have several elderly clients who don’t even walk because, first of all, they’re afraid. They don’t want anything to be obscured, as for it being so many trucks out there and somebody grabs them, or something happens. Next, it’s nasty, it’s filthy, and they don’t want to be around that stuff right there. “

Tucker points out there are public parking spaces truck drivers can park, like at a paid parking lot on box road. The Circle K on Flat Rock Road also offers free parking. A clerk says all they ask is the drivers back their trucks into a parking space.

Other truck parking includes:

  • Chevron in Midland
  • Sunoco on St. Mary’s Road
  • J’s Tires Brennan
  • Cole Towing Old Cusseta Road