The Man in the Ring: The Tim Hester Story

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 2:21 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - One local guy is making his mark in the professional world of fighting and respectfully he’s knocking out anybody that gets in his way.

Meet Tim Hester.

For those that don’t know, The Smiths Station Alabama native is taking the professional boxing world by storm as he fights under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion.

Now many may be wondering what is exactly is Bare Knuckle Fighting all about, it’s about what you think it is. But allow Tim to break it down for you.

“A form of boxing without gloves on. So they wrap it right to the knuckles so your knuckles are exposed. Its a five 2 minute round of beating up each other,” Tim Hester, MMA/BKFC Professional boxer said.

For Hester, getting into this sport was a no brainer.

“So a guy that used to judge a lot of my fights. He hit me up one day. I couldn’t find a fight, I’m a professional MMA fighter as well. And he hit me up out of the blue and said hey man you want to fight,” Hester said.

“I said yeah man I’ve been dying to fight. And he’s like what about Bare Knuckle. I said what’s Bare Knuckle. And so I looked it up and I was like ah man, this is something I could do. It’s a gladiator style sport and that’s what I love to do,” Hester said.

For Hester fighting is more than a sport.

“The art of it. Its fun man. I’m just in there, we’re dancing in the art of war. You can’t step in the ring or cage with another person. You know you’re going to remember that person for the rest of your life,” Hester said.

He says its something you never really forget.

“It’s an experience you can’t really get anywhere else. It’s such a feeling, and you have to accept your fate, as soon as you walk in. And that’s what I love about it,” Hester said.

Hester is currently training waiting to get the call for his next fight. His typical schedule goes something like this.

“I do 2-a-days every time. I like to do workouts by myself as well. Get ready for it extra runs. In this sport I have to do hand conditioning , so I put my hands in some sand and twist it around. Just different little things. You got to stay disciplined,” Hester said.

He’s currently 1-0 in MMA and 1-0 in Bare Knuckle Fighting.

Hester uses the sport as an outlet, something he hopes to showcase to young kids in the community.

“Just showing kids, like growing up, you know. Especially kids that didn’t have anything, and all they did was grow up fighting. You can make yourself out of something. You work hard, you do it, you can make it out of whatever situation you can,” Hester said.

He looks to use his talents as a testimony to others.

“Like I had a tough life. I’m sure a lot of people in Columbus have had a tough life, but all you do is keep grinding keep working and you can make it where you want to be. Even if it doesn’t seem the path you want to take. It’s a path you’ve taken to, so you might as well enjoy every minute,” Hester said.

If anyone is looking for a few pointers on how to break into the fight game, pop into the F3 Training Center, located at 5224 Miller Rd. Unit C Columbus, GA 31909, where you can find Tim and many others training day and day out.