Historic marker placed at former all Black school in Harris County

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 9:28 PM EDT
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HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - Standing room only, as alumni are decked out in green and gold, proud to have graduated from an historical school in Harris County. “Some 70 years ago, almost to this very date the first commencement of 11 students was held on May 21st 1953,” says one former alumni.

Alumni who are now in their golden years came to see the unveiling of this historic marker. The moment didn’t come without years of hard work by a team of alumni “The vision has been here for a long time within our hearts, we decided to act upon in in 2022,” says Jimmy Huff Lead person on Historic Marker Committee.

After months of research, calls to the Georgia Historical Society and the Columbus Historic Foundation. They still needed to cross a hurdle of finances, the team made a presentation to the board of education.

“The marker was $2,950, we thought we were going to have to sell mullet sandwiches and BBQ sandwiches to pay for it but Mr. Couch when we got to slide 18 of 25 he said we were going to pay for the marker, and” we were extremely happy,” says Huff.

Roger Couch is the Superintendent of Schools in Harris County and felt the need to fund the marker to stamp history for the residents of Harris County. “It was a great idea, Mr. Huff and his committee came and they had great ideas for funding, and we had what they needed, and this is the result of that,” cays Couch. Results, giving alumni the opportunity to fill what was once the school cafeteria the opportunity to continue to see history made. Huff recalling how education was different for this group of students because of the segregated world at the time.

“After our four years here we took the school motto, and strive not to equal but to excel beyond this institution,” says Huff.

The marker is complete with a QR code giving more information about the school to people who will come visit.