RUN THE RACE: Former WTVM Reporter Was Suicidal But Now Helps You Tackle The Mental Game

Published: Jun. 27, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI, Oh. (WTVM) - He battled depression for 15 years, half his life, a portion of that time while working as a WTVM reporter/anchor 7+ years ago. Brandon Saho was open and vulnerable about his mental health journey, and getting help that saved his life, as a guest on our “Run The Race” podcast.

This now-former TV sports reporter from Ohio hopes to break the stigma with his own podcast called “The Mental Game” - talking weekly to pro athletes, musicians, celebrities about mental health. This comes a year after he checked himself into a hospital.

Depression for Saho started at age 14. As the years went by, alcohol played a big role. Going far from home to work in TV didn’t help. Brandon talks about serious suicidal thoughts of jumping off a bridge, laying in traffic. While he appeared on the outside like he was living the dream, covering sports in his hometown of Cincinnati, he was lost. He wrote a goodbye letter, took pills, but woke up.

We talk on the pod, via zoom. about red flags for all of us to look out for, especially when depression is disguised.

Saho says getting help, going to therapy, talking to your family are big steps! And it’s a misconception that it makes you look weak. Brandon says “therapy is cool” and it’s like having an unbiased coach.

After drinking almost daily for the last 6-7 years, Brandon made it to more than 100 days sober, He feels so much better vs. being depressed when drunk.

Lately, he’s gotten some national attention for his recent chat on “The Mental Game” with QB Joe Burrow’s parents. You can watch and listen via YouTube:

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