Talbot County officials host public hearing for a new quarry

Published: Jun. 26, 2023 at 10:17 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Talbot County Commissioners giving a recommendation to deny rezoning land to build another quarry on the north part of the county.

Three of the five commissioners voted against it, one yes and one abstain.

Over 50 Troup County residents showing up to express how they feel about 457 acres being rezoned for a rock quarry to come to Pleasant Valley road in Woodland, Georgia. One resident said hearing that a possible quarry was coming did not excite him at all.

“Pretty devastating. The northern part of the county is what I consider the most beautiful part lots of rocks, lots of trees lots of streams. It’s just it’s an enjoyable recreational beautiful part of the county to hear something like a rock quarry coming in is totally opposite of what we’re looking for,” said Bill Hardaway.

Sammy Terry has been living in Talbot County for over 70 years. He says hearing a rock quarry may come to the area gives him hope for more economic opportunities.

“I’ve been out of high school 57 years. This is one of the greatest things that has ever come to the North End of Talbot County. I think it’s going to be a great thing for taxes and for jobs, great thing,” said Sammy Terry.

Residents had 10 minutes to share their feelings about another rock quarry coming to Talbot County. Many shared concerns about what the quarry will do to the environment and how loud the quarry will be. Jack Mitchell, the developer behind the quarry, says it will ultimately benefit the county.

“Talbot County is in desperate need of jobs, and we can have an impact of over 10% increase in the overall GDP and an increase of about 10% as well as to the overall tax base by the hiring of a total of about 68 people that would be supporting the overall business plan that we have,” said Jack Mitchell.