WTVM Editorial 06/06/23: What’s Important To You

Published: Jul. 7, 2023 at 9:15 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A new poll by the Wall Street Journal and the National Opinion Research Center shows a disturbing change in how Americans value or don’t value patriotism, religion, and the economy.

In these few weeks between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, you might think patriotism would be valued by a wide variety of Americans.

But the poll shows only 38% of those surveyed think patriotism is very important.

When the exact same poll question was asked in 1998, 70% said patriotism was very important.

That’s a very concerning drop in the importance of patriotism, but it’s not hard to understand, especially when less than half of Americans can correctly describe Memorial Day as a time to remember our military war dead.

The poll also shows a similar trend for religion.

In 1998, 62% of respondents said religion was very important to them.

But only 39% say that religion is important today.

On the economy, the Wall Street Journal poll paints a picture of pessimism.

Looking ahead to the next year, only 15% say they expect the economy to get better.

47% think it will get worse and 38% think the economy will stay the same.

Like any poll, these results are just a snapshot in time.

But the numbers ought to catch the attention of any American who values a strong, prosperous, and united, not divided, country.

At the very least, the poll gives us all another opportunity to think more deeply about what’s important to us and why.