RUN THE RACE: Breast Cancer Survivor From Alabama Cycling 240 Miles To Take Her Life & Body Back

Published: Aug. 16, 2023 at 3:56 PM EDT
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LEE COUNTY, Al. (WTVM) - An east Alabama woman survived breast cancer - twice! And now she’s on a team that’s getting on bikes for a cross-country ride to raise money for cancer research. On our “Run The Race” podcast, this cyclist takes us inside her fitness training and faith mindset for next month’s big challenge.

Susan Glisson, a former swimmer and softball player and athletic trainer for Auburn University football, got into cycling when she was younger too, including an Ironman. Her second bout with cancer prompted her to put the bike down 8 years ago, but she picked it back up this year to “take her life and body back” from the disease.

How does cycling differ from other sports, in terms of a workout? She explains the muscles you use, what burns, what kind of road bike she uses, and the bruises she’s gotten.

Starting September 7, the “Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer” ride will start in Oregon and end a month later in NJ. Glisson is riding around 80 miles, each of 3 days straight, in late September, her route from St Louis MO to Indianapolis IN.

The goal for the dozens of Bristol Myers Squib employees and cycling teammates is to raise $1 million for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Here’s how you can help:

This competitive woman talks about her motivation to take on this big ride, at her age in her mid 50s, not as strong or fast as she used to be, but living life to the fullest. On the podcast episode, Glisson also breaks down the schedule and numbers for her 5 months of training so far.

We also discuss her personal cancer journey, from her first diagnosis in 1997 to the next one that involved a difficult 8 hour surgery, an emotional wakeup call from God, and mental strength through the pain.

Glisson has also learned to eat clean. For this cycling adventure, she hydrates every 5 miles or 20 minutes, but PB&J sandwiches are her favorite for fueling.

She’s also sending a message to her son, family and everyone that there’s life after cancer! These cancer rides are also about bringing awareness and compressing the stigma she talks about.

As she discusses on the pod, for Glisson, faith is also crucial as she lives and cycles, taking in God’s beauty and knowing that anything is possible if she believes, as the Bible says.

When she was helping AU football, under coach Pat Dye, her future husband was on Auburn’s tea,. Now, she’s the one being served and trained as an athletic team member.

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