More roundabouts coming to District 4 in Columbus: How To Navigate

Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 9:44 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - In one Columbus district, the community is getting ready for several road improvements including the development of three more roundabouts.

The roundabout on St. Mary’s Road has been in operation for quite some time, but with the news of three more coming to Steam Mill Road in District 4, leaders are urging drivers to know the rules of the road ahead of the project completion.

District 4 Councilwoman Toyia Tucker posted a social media post explaining the correct rules for drivers when driving through a roundabout. The post reached three million people with may in support and many not in support of roundabouts.

“A lot of angry people. They do not like roundabouts, but the thing is, we have to be safe. We have to be safe for our pedestrians, and we have to be safe as the actual driver. So, just paying attention and knowing that once you get in the roundabout, to keep going until you exit,” Tucker said.

You should also put your blinker on when exiting because most roundabouts are pedestrian friendly.

Columbus native and resident of District 4 Janice James said that she is in full support of more roundabouts coming to her community.

“I think it’s more easier now. The things that they’re doing make it more easier now, and more police out. That’s my main concern is having more PC on the streets. I love that, and It makes things easier cause the traffics so heavy, but now traffic has slowed down a lot,” she said.

Just this past year, 22.5 million dollars were allocated from the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax to build three more roundabouts on Steam Mill Road, something Tucker said is a win/win for her district.

“One of the things about roundabouts, if you notice, it keeps the traffic moving. Even though people do not like them, it’s a safety feature because it’s a calming feature for the road. That means that you got to slow down, you have to pay attention when you’re approaching a roundabout,” Tucker said. “So, it is about safety. It’s about keeping the traffic moving, and to be honest in a lot of ways, it really is better, especially in these smaller residential areas, than a traffic light.”

Tucker said the start of the process is already underway to start construction, but will take some time due to it being funded by TSPLOST.