Sumter Co. Fire & Rescue, multiple motorcycle clubs honor fallen Crisp Co. Sheriff’s Deputy

Published: Sep. 10, 2023 at 1:17 PM EDT
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SUMTER COUNTY., Ga. (WTVM) - For the 2nd annual Sumter County Fire and Rescue charity ride, more than 70 bikers rode roughly 80 miles from Americus to Cordele to celebrate the life of Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyee Browne.

On July 5, Deputy Tyee Browne was shot and killed in the line of duty on 280-West in Cordele, by Croshawn Cross. Just two months after his tragic death, a brother and sister hood of bikers came together Saturday to honor his life.

“It hit the heartstrings of Crisp county very hard when all of this happened,” said Kenneth Raybon, Vice President of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC), Flint River chapter. “Tyee had a heart of gold and he do anything for you, and you know finding people who still have that sincerity in their heart take give and to help is far and few in between, so when you find those people you hold on to those people.”

The Punishers LEMC, along with Sumter Co. Fire and Rescue, decided shortly after losing deputy Browne that proceeds for the charity ride would benefit his loved ones.

“There’s a reason why we call it a brother hood, we’re a big family, and when one of us gets hurt all of us feel it. His mama is here and we’re going to make sure that she knowns by the end of this thing if she ever needs anything she can look out across this sea of motorcycles and know she has anybody that she can turn to,” said Brad Lee, president of the Punishers LEMC.

Leading the way of the ride behind the escorts was deputy Browne’s mother, Kristina Browne Conley, in his dazzling blue honda civic. She’s a mother, missing the person she did everything with.

“He was very goofy, very happy, very caring person. He’d do anything for anybody. I miss him calling me in the mornings, making sure I was on my way to work. I just miss the little small things, our little rides. We used to go jump in his little car and we’d just go for a ride, who knows where’d we end up,” said Browne Conley.

Browne Conley wore a shirt that said “I’m no a hero, but I knew one.” Deputy Browne died trying to help what he thought was a stranded driver.

“What happens if that would have been an older couple that would have stopped or a mother with a child in the car, so I’m kind of glad it was my son doing what he wanted to do to making sure he protected the community. I think that guy would have hurt whoever it was, whether it would have been anybody.”

Browne purchased a Harley 3 weeks before his death. A benefit ride like this one would’ve been fitting for Browne.

“I know he’s smiling down but also upset he ain’t here,” said his mother.

Deputy Browne was a member of Creek Brothers motorcycle club out of Jackson, Georgia. Club president, John Barber says losing Browne was hard, but he will always be a brother of his.

“It’s like losing one of your own kin, it’s just as hard, but now at this point I want to celebrate his life, what he meant to this club and the point he got to. That’s what it’s all bout,” said Barber.

A band of brothers and sisters ended the ride at Georgia Veterans State Park. Every dime raised will go towards Deputy Browne’s family.

In August, Cross was sentenced to serve life without parole with a consecutive life sentence, and an additional 5 years for the murder of Deputy Tyee Browne. deputy Browne is gone, but never forgotten.