Georgia Bureau of Investigation looking into ‘incident’ at LaGrange City Council meeting

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 11:01 AM EDT|Updated: Sep. 15, 2023 at 1:20 PM EDT
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LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into a confrontation that may have escalated at the LaGrange City Council meeting.

“Definitely, a major atrocity of character that will be corrected,” said Dr. Israel Barsh, the pastor of LaGrange City Worship, Embassy of the King.

“A minor distraction. It’s over with, and we’re moving forward as a city, and as a county, and as a community,” said former Troup County Commissioner of District 3, Tripp Foster.

Both Foster and Barsh shared their thoughts on an alleged heated LaGrange City Council meeting on Sept. 12.

An alleged incident between two councilmen took place between the council work and executive session.

LaGrange Daily News reports that District 2′s Leon Childs and Nathan Gaskin are believed to be the two councilmen involved in the incident. The report says Childs claimed Gaskin threatened him and lied that Childs pulled a weapon on Gaskin.

Barsh previously ran for the District 2 seat, and he said leaders in high positions should have high exemplary character.

“I respect these two men highly, I honor them highly, there needs to be some character shifts, I would say that. I do respect and know that Mayor Edmondson will take care of this matter,” Barsh said.

Foster said it’s good Tuesday’s city council work session did not end with someone hurt.

“I’m very thankful that it didn’t escalate past verbal, and like I said, it’s just a minor distraction to our city, and we refuse to look backwards because if we look in the rearview mirror, we’re not making progress.” he said, “We address things, and we move on. And we’re gonna make progress and we welcome people to our city.”

Bruce Griggs, the founder of a youth initiative called “Saving Our Son” said he’s praying for Childs.

“That’s why I’m not attacking him, I’m praying for him. He was wrong. He was wrong as he could be, but I’m not attacking him, and I’m not going to join the bandwagon of jumping on top of him when he down. I’m not gone do that. I’m going to pray for him and hope that he gets better, he don’t need to be the councilor no more.” Griggs said. Everybody’s gonna get upset. Everybody’s gonna get mad. I’ve been ticked off at people too, you know everybody gets to that point, but you don’t pull a weapon.

Lieutenant Chris Pritchett with LaGrange police confirms to us that the request for the GBI to investigate the situation is to avoid conflict of interest or favoritism.