WTVM Editorial 09/19/23: The United Way Works

Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 6:07 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We all want to find answers to unlock the grip that gun violence, dysfunctional families, mental health challenges and poverty have on our community.

What if there was a way to battle the hopelessness, frustration and complacency that lets these deep problems take root and grow?

The United Way Campaign Kickoff set a goal of $9 Million dollars to create a positive community impact in 2024.

The United Way can and does tackle the problems I mentioned, plus many more. But they need our support.

Donations will fund the popular 2-1-1 service that connects residents in need with dozens of services to help them including rental assistance, food, utility help,  counseling for teenagers and families, medical services including help with addiction and so many more services I just don’t have time to mention.

The 2-1-1 program is only one way the United Way provides a path to change behaviors that often lead to the tragedies we cover in the news.

For instance, The United Way’s “Home for Good” program moves people from homelessness to a stable living situation.

Another program called “Resilient Chattahoochee Valley” targets kids up to 16 who need help for behavioral and mental health issues.

That’s key, because traumatic childhood experiences left unaddressed can lead to poor choices that create a life of drugs and violence.

The United Way is a strong and accessible safety net of agencies ready and able to help children and families avoid that fate right now.

That’s why we must all support the United Way Campaign - by donating money if we can - and by encouraging families who need these services to use them.

Getting the word out about the value of United Way and its partner agencies is an important story worth telling.

Because the United Way offers real help to turnaround troubled lives and that ends up helping all of us.