Auburn Public Safety talks on Alabama burn ban

Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 8:14 PM EDT
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AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - The state of Alabama is under a burn ban. The dry heat and drought we are seeing across the state prompted the Alabama Forestry Commission to issue the ban.

If you live in a residential area, the Forestry Commission wants everyone to delay outdoor burning until these dry conditions get better.

Periods without rain would be fun for those who enjoy the outdoors...but it causes places like Chewacla State Park in Auburn and Auburn Fire Department to be on alert for wildfires. Auburn Fire Battalion Chief, John Benefield, says they have asked residents to stop all outdoor burning.

“The Alabama Forestry Commission issued a Fire Alert for the State of Alabama,” said Benefield. “Since then, we’ve restricted and halted all commercial burning and residential burning throughout the city of Auburn.”

Chewacla State Park in Auburn is considered “high risk” due to camp fires and frequent burnings but precautions are posted to make sure burning at the park doesn’t get out of control as picnic areas are still open with limited access.

“Not only with Chewacla, but with our homeowners also. If they plan on grilling out, we ask that once you’re done grilling, make sure that you dispose of the ash properly, make sure it is out 100 percent,” said Benefield. “Out there at Chewacla, I think they have fire bins where they can dispose of the ash properly to prevent the woods from catching on fire.”

Lauren Floyd loves visiting Chewacla State Park.

“I wasn’t even aware that we were under a burn ban, which I do think is concerning,” said Floyd. “I think we should all be aware, especially when it could potentially effect us.”

On September 22, the Alabama Forestry Commission issued a “Fire Danger Advisory” due to the dry and breezy conditions.

The fire alert is still in effect and will be until there are changes in the current weather pattern.”

“I think it’s really naïve to think it couldn’t happen to us, especially with the conditions and how the world is being effected by the climate,” said Floyd. “It’s valid to protect ourselves and our environment and our wildlife by being extra cautious with like, open fires and grilling and all that.”

Chief Benefield says if anyone has any questions or concerns to call the Auburn Fire Department and additional information is on the Alabama Forestry Commission website.