Anna Sims

Anna Sims


Anna Sims joined Storm Team 9 as a weekend meteorologist in July 2020. She is excited to start her career at home in the Chattahoochee Valley while working one county away from her home in Harris County, Ga. Anna began college at Young Harris College in North Georgia where she studied Environmental Science and was a competitive cheerleader for the Mountain Lions. After a year and a half in the Enchanted Valley, Anna’s passion for weather continued to grow, and she decided to transfer to the University of Georgia to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Sciences. Anna graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2020 with a BS in Atmospheric Sciences and a BS in Geography. Anna plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in the next few years while researching severe weather.

During her years at the University of Georgia, Anna did extensive research on tornadic events. One of her favorite research projects focused on the March 3, 2019 tornado outbreak - a date which Anna holds heavily on her heart. Anna was home in Pine Mountain during this outbreak, and she was less than half of a mile from where a tornado touched down in Pine Mountain. It was during this tornadic outbreak that Anna decided she wanted to pursue broadcast meteorology in the Chattahoochee Valley so that she could help keep her neighbors safe during severe weather outbreaks.

Anna spent most of her free time growing up with her grandparents in Harris County, and she loves the Chattahoochee Valley because it is her home. After spending four years away at college, she is happy to be back while she kicks off her career in Columbus.

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