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Alexa introducing celebrity voices, starting with Samuel L. Jackson

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Woman diagnosed with ‘broken heart syndrome’ mistook wasabi for avocado

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1 in 5 Americans can’t name a single branch of the government, study finds

Florida woman bites, hits man with lightbulb for taking her broomstick, deputies say

Florida teen used parents’ money to hire people to kill them, deputies say

Florida man, 71, raped 8-year-old girl on multiple occasions, deputies say

His ex-wife is charged with bigamy; a judge ordered him to pay nearly $100K in spousal support

Woman, 38, impersonates her 21-year-old daughter to avoid arrest, police say

Man who pleaded guilty to raping classmate gets probation

Florida man gets 30 months in prison after shooting himself while drinking

5 elderly men, 85-year-old woman arrested for public sex in Conn. park, police say

Florida man hits McDonald’s worker for taking too long, police say

California police arrest man trying to fix flat tires with bandages

Tip Top Poultry recalls chicken products due to listeria risk, USDA says

Florida man jailed after botching castration; No, he’s not a doctor

  Florida man attacks jogger with sword after dispute over trash