Study: Alabama has longest wait time for organ transplants in nation

  Alabama Department of Public Health investigating increase in Hepatitis A cases in the state

Valdosta State University researchers discover new way to treat tuberculosis

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Health benefits of lemons

Dads line up to greet students on first day at Jackson elementary school

  Events to be held across Columbus benefiting Walk to End Alzheimer’s

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  Lawsuit claims Limestone County teen permanently damaged from Juul addiction

  Make sure your children are up to date on vaccines before school

ADPH partners with state group to share which fish are safe to eat

  ‘Treat it right then, don’t just wait’: South GA parents issue warning after 11-month-old daughter contracts flesh-eating bacteria

  State health department says more West Nile virus cases expected

Desperate need for blood this summer, especially during severe weather

  Controversial opioid alternative Kratom explained by health official, users

Kratom is promoted as a safe alternative to opioid painkillers. It’s sold in wellness stores across Louisville and is legal in the state.

  Blood donors needed due to critically low supply

LifeSouth Donor Recruiter Ronda Kindred says that without the community’s help, their supply might run dry.

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Staying healthy while traveling

Traveling can be a strain on our health if we allow it to be, so Dr. Paula Walker-King has some helpful tips for staying healthy while you are traveling.

  Health departments providing required immunizations, exams ahead of upcoming school year

Some children may need required immunizations or exams, especially if they’re new to the public school system in Georgia. All health departments are ready with the vaccines they may need.

Department of Public Health vaccinating kids a month before school begins

  ‘Be aware of changes’: Spot on man’s thumb turns out to be rare cancer

  Chattahoochee Valley teens halfway through Planet Fitness’ Teen Summer Challenge

Red Cross in urgent need of blood, platelet donors

  Oxbow Meadows offering family friendly programs all summer

  Dept. of Public Health to use $4.5 million to support healthy pregnancies

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Staying hydrated in the summer

It’s hot and humid down in the Chattahoochee Valley as the summer months continue on.

  What Trump’s hospital price transparency order could mean for you

While the administration says this order will drive down health care costs, there’s a real concern it could do the opposite.

AL dermatologist warns swimmers after flesh-eating bacteria case in FL

After a Alabama case of flesh-eating bacteria, a Birmingham dermatologist has a warning for people headed to the lake or the beach.

  UAB scientists make “promising” breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research

A breakthrough drug at UAB could play a major role in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

  Health officials test community members for HIV in national testing day

Thursday, June 27 in National HIV Testing Day and multiple health organizations in Columbus and Americus will be taking part.

  New autism therapy center to open in Columbus

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center will provide diagnostic assessment services and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism.

  GUEST SEGMENT: Keeping yourself safe in the sun’s hot summer rays

With summer in full swing, families are spending more and more time outside, but that could lead to increased risk of being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

  Veterans waiting for new VA health clinic to open in Columbus

Columbus is home to thousands of military veterans.Most are waiting for the day that they don’t have to travel out of town to get the healthcare they need.

  Columbus residents gather to observe World Sickle Cell Day

Leaders say their mission is to promote sickle cell awareness and to provide support and resources to those affected by the disease.

  Elite Family Medicine in Columbus hosts open house and ribbon cutting

Elite Family Medicine, located at 850 Brookstone Centre Parkway, offers also offers Concierge Medicine of Columbus Inc. The clinic has three unique medical practices all under the same roof.

  Spencer Cancer Center opens in Opelika

The Spencer Cancer Center is much larger than what East Alabama Medical Center used in the past.

  Blood donations in short supply during summer months

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers faces emergency need for all blood types, and encourages the community to donate blood.

  CDC director addresses plans to attack HIV in Alabama

Alabama’s high rate of HIV infections has the federal government wanting to step in.

  Columbus Memory Center responds to Pfizer’s reported knowledge of drug that possibly prevents Alzheimer’s

The Washington Post recently reported the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, learned its arthritis treatment, Enbrel, appeared to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 64 percent.

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus in Lowndes Co.

Four samples from mosquito pools in the county have tested positive from May 9 to present day.

Nearly 12 million patients’ personal info exposed in Quest Diagnostics data breach

Quest hasn't been able to determine the impacts of the reported data breach yet.

  How to protect yourself this tick season

Doctors say this is the time of year that you need to be on the look-out for ticks.

  New cancer center to soon open at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika

The Spencer Cancer Center at East Alabama Medical Center will welcome patients beginning June 17.

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Steps for performing CPR

If performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.

  Anti-Vax Effect: Why some parents go against the experts

Health officials are discussing why people aren’t vaccinating their children, and what this means for efforts to stop the outbreak.

  GUEST SEGMENT: Taking care of your heart in the heat

As summer arrives and the temperatures increase, you have to remember to take care of the parts of your body you cannot see, like your heart.

  CDC fights measles outbreak

The problem isn’t with the vaccine. Doctors tell WTOC the problem is with misinformation about the vaccine and people who just aren’t vaccinating.

  How to protect yourself against the sun

It's that time of the year where most of us hit the outdoors more than usually, which means sun exposure. We know a lot about the tips to protect against the sun but we all need reminders. Dr. Lauren Kole, a dermatologist at UAB Hospital helps us out.

  Examining the truths and myths behind the MMR vaccine

Measles vaccinations have long been a subject of debate in America, so much so that for the first time since the year 2000, there is now an outbreak. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are more than 800 cases across the nation. 6 of those cases are right here in GA.

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Keeping your skin safe in the sun

Kids across the Chattahoochee Valley are getting ready to be out of school for the summer and will be looking for some fun in the sun.

  Hundreds gather in Columbus for 9th Annual Walk to End Lupus

Teams of all sizes raised money and joined together to walk around the track, honoring those who have lost their lives to lupus and supporting those who are currently still battling it.

  Why measles can be tricky to initially diagnose

Doctors say that because of the initial symptoms it could be a little tricky to diagnose.

  Piedmont Columbus Regional introduces new stroke treatment

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death and the leading cause of disabilities in the United States and Piedmont Columbus Regional has a new treatment to help fight against them.

  CDC: St. Clair County infant did not have measles

The Alabama Department of Public Health announced Friday that a St. Clair County infant identified as a presumptive positive case of measles earlier this month in fact did not have them.

  8-year-old Columbus girl raises over $1,300 for Children’s Miracle Network

Greenlee Lamb wanted to help other kids who are in the hospital like she was helped after a serious car accident in 2015.

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Stroke Awareness Month

May is Stroke Awareness Month and Dr. Paula Walker-King dropped by News Leader 9 to share how you can help reduce your risks of stroke.

More than 3,500 unvaccinated students attend school in Alabama

In the 2017-2018 school year, over 3,500 unvaccinated students attend public and private schools in Alabama, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

  Parents express concern as measles cases continue to rise

Officials say one of the easiest things you can do is wash your children’s hands. That will help prevent many contagious diseases. As far as measles goes, if your child has received their vaccines officials say they’re basically immune for life.

  Mother of Alabama infant with measles speaks out

As the Alabama Department of Health has confirmed a St. Clair County infant has the measles, the child’s mother is speaking out about the heartbreak she and her family are experiencing.

  Walk through a brain with Piedmont Columbus Regional for stroke awareness

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disabilities, so Piedmont Columbus Regional is observing Stroke Awareness Month by raising awareness.

Americus medical center to offer free Mammograms in honor of Mother’s Day

Experts say having regular mammograms done can greatly lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

  Person with measles likely exposed others during 2 stops in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Health confirms a person from Tennessee with the measles likely exposed other people during two stops in Alabama.

  National Infant Immunization Week highlights importance of infant vaccinations

National Infant Immunization Week brings awareness of the importance of having infants immunized on the recommended schedule.

  Columbus City Council approved proposal to make Narcan available to all first responders

Columbus is taking a big step in the growing fight against the opioid epidemic. This comes after a decision from the Columbus City Council to put an emergency drug treatment in the hands of first responders.

Family swaps flu shots for essential oils. Is it safe?

When it comes to essential oils, there is certainly no shortage of opinions.

  New bill could help ease Alabama’s nursing shortage

The Alabama Board of Nursing says employers find it difficult to hire travel or temporary nurses because many are unwilling to get another license. That could soon change.

  GUEST SEGMENT: Spring allergies in full swing

Spring is in full swing and with the time of year comes those pesky spring allergies.

  New sickle cell clinic opens on North Ave. in Columbus

The clinic, located at 1968 North Avenue, serves as a location to keep Columbus patients from having to drive to Atlanta for services.

  Columbus father and son doctor duo providing weekly prenatal care in Eufaula

With equipment and staff, Dr. Thomas Nathan Malone and son Dr. Thomas Michael Malone all load into their SUV every Tuesday headed for Eufaula, Alabama.

  Textured breast implants linked to rare form of cancer, new study shows

A new study shows that textured breast implants could be causing a rare form of cancer.

  Flu season could continue through April and May

A lot of us have been sneezing, coughing, and dealing with congestion, but are those symptoms related to seasonal allergies or the flu? Alabama is still considered by the CDC as having widespread flu.

  Proposed AL bill encourages nurses to work in rural areas

Healthcare facilities struggle to attract nurses to rural areas, but one proposed bill could help bring more experienced nurse practitioners to those facing a healthcare professional shortage.

Alabama gets an 'F' for school drinking water

The state of Alabama has received a failing grade for its efforts to remove lead from school drinking water.

  Georgia House Bill 481 could ban abortions after 6 weeks

A bill in the Georgia legislature could keep women from getting an abortion after they’ve been pregnant for six weeks.

More lots of blood pressure medications recalled due to impurity

43 lots in total have been recalled.

  CSU student undergoes 25th eye surgery

A Columbus State University student recently underwent her 25th eye surgery at Emory University in Atlanta.

  HEALTH WITH DR. PAULA: Benefits of CBD oil

While purchasing medical marijuana is illegal in Georgia, you can purchase CBD oil in the Peach State.

  FEMA assistance still available to tornado survivors

Though almost 10 days have passed since the deadly tornado, it’s not too late to seek help. In fact, FEMA officials are encouraging it.

  IHOP offering free pancakes, accepting donations for child illnesses

Free pancakes, anyone? Today, at any IHOP restaurant, you can score a free stack of buttermilk pancakes.

GA Department of Public Health raising awareness for vaccines for preteens

It is Georgia Preteen Vaccine Awareness Week and the Georgia Department of Public Health is promoting the necessity of immunizations for preteens.

PCR raising awareness about the dangers of colorectal cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and Piedmont Columbus Regional wants to make sure you know the risk factors to keep yourself healthy.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.